Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Yes Man" Movie Review

I so loved watching this movie! Did the film-makers know that when they were making this movie they were making it with me specially in mind? "Yes Man" had all the qualities of being one of "Annette's Top Favorite Movies of 2009":1. Jim Carrey (obviously)
2. A thought-provoking "What If" type plot (more on that later)
3. Great music that I recognize and/or get introduced to (original music done by The Eels)
4. Romance (I've only recently gotten into romantic movies, and now that I'm older I appreciate all the spontaneous kissing scenes, and not go, "Cooties!" Makes me wish my life was a movie.)
5. Out-of-the-ballpark-crazyness (the kind that Jim Carrey does best)

First off, time to gush about my favorite Canadian rubber-faced actor, Jim Carrey. He is the best at what he does! In this movie he tapes his face into a ridiculously funny position, drives a motorcycle while wearing only a hospital gown, and plays guitar to save a suicidal building-jumper. He is a master of drama, as well as a king of comedy. The character he plays is easy to relate to and very likable (eventually lovable).
 Jim Carrey is one of the most versatile comedians that I know, (voice-acting, stand-up, TV, drama, slapstick, singing, and I'm not sure which category the Grinch or the Mask fall under, but he sure looks good in green) and for that, he is one of my heroes. Thank you Jim Carrey for being you!

Next point is the plot. What a concept! One that I have put to use for much of my young life: saying the word "Yes" more often than "No" when an opportunity presents itself. "Yes Man" takes this idea to the next level: the main character has to say Yes  to every offer. Granted, Carrey finds himself into pretty funny situations that can be called "unbelievable" and "Never gonna happen in real world!" He stays up one night drinking Red Bull (come one, I know you've seen the
 previews, you must have seen the previews!), he gives all his money to a homeless guy, and he does something that surprisingly gets through in a PG-13 movie (I'm not specifying what it is though), all because of the word Yes. The less extreme cases where he says Yes to life is refreshing. More people should break out of their routine and do things they never thought of doing before.
3rd point, I have to say that the music was very good. A few Beatles references here and there (but not everywhere, if you get my drift. You know, "Here, There, and Everywhere"? Sorry I had to go and explain the punchline. That song isn't in the movie, just so you know). The original music written for the movie had pretty good lyrics, so that was nice to see too. Jim Carrey has a very good singing voice, did you know that?
Now about the romantic parts. Don't worry, it's not the "Oh, George, Oh Marsha," type film. Just a little courtship between Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel, a little spontaneous kissing, no big deal. It's basically a well-put-together love story that happens to make you laugh. It's because of the word Yes that the main character finds love again, after shutting himself away following a divorce. If he never went to the Yes motivational seminar, he would not have met her. It's fun watching characters fall in love. For me anyway. I'm still not sure about the rest of you.

Well anyway, here's the last point I'd like to write about. "Yes Man" is so crazy! Jim Carrey gets to do a bunch of things I fantasize about, but may not actually get to do in the future, like attend an HP costume party/marathon, go bungee-jumping, and taking the next airplane out of town. The gags are fresh and funny, and I was smiling through the whole thing. Except for the sad parts of course, like when Zooey Deschanel's character finds out about the whole "Saying Yes to Everything No Matter What" commitment and starts to doubt Carreys true affections. But don't worry, alls well that ends well.

Thanks for reading (or not reading as the case may be) my review, and so sorry for making this a long one where you have to scroll and scroll and think "Ohh, when is this going to end already?" I hope that if you haven't seen this movie yet, the movie stills I have provided will get you to see "Yes Man" and enjoy it as much as I did. Happy viewing!

P.S. Please leave a comment. I'd love to hear your opinions. In fact I'm demanding it. Comment people! Please prove I'm not the only one who thinks Jim Carrey is a hero and Yes is the best word in the known universe!

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